New Beginnings and Coffee Machines

Last month I received my Arduino Duemilanove board. After doing some basic tutorials I decided to start my first simple project. Why not automate my faithful coffee maker? It would be nice to wake up to a fresh cup.

Some coffee machines can be programmed to brew at desired time. My model is a simple one with an on/off switch. This means I will need a relay to ‘press’ the button, and some timekeeping logic to set the alarm on time.

A sketch of the idea:


For and LCD I’m planning to use an HD44780 compatible LCD, since there’s I can leverage the existing Arduino library.

There will be 5 control buttons:

  • Alarm on/off
  • Set mode (HH/MM)
  • Plus
  • Minus
  • Set alarm/ set time

A 5v relay will be used to trigger the coffee machine and a water level sensor will alert if the water tank is empty.


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